share your story

'Saturday Stories' is a sometimes series on the blog where you get to share something of what Jesus has done, and is doing, in your life.

Some people have testimonies of astonishing rescues - Jesus takes them from lives of crime or drugs.  They're the obvious ones to retell.  For others of us who've lived fairly well behaved, seemingly ordinary lives, it can feel like our story is lesser.  But we ALL have the same need of resuce and for each of us that rescue is equally extraordinary and undeserved.

It has everything to do with our Rescuer, the One whose story we are.

If you have taken THE ULTIMATE MAKEOVER Jesus has done as your own then you have a rescue story, an ongoing testimony, to share with the world.
So please tell us about your experiences.  Hearing what Jesus has brought you through might just be the encouragement someone else needs that He can bring them through too.  There may well be something you have to say that someone is waiting to hear.  They may have heard it before and not got it or couldn't relate to the person telling it or simply need a reminder of it.  Someone needs to see life or God or grace through your eyes.

We're waiting for your story...

Email your 'ultimate makeover' story (max. 600 words), a picture of yourself and any online links (eg. blog/ twitter/ facebook) to anna (at) theultimatemakeover (dot) org.  It doesn't have to be poetic or perfect grammar!