Do you feel a bit crushed by life's circumstances and uncertain who you are?  Perhaps you don't even like yourself very much.  Or maybe life's OK, you'd just like to feel you knew how to live it to the full as the person you were made to be.

At a one-to-one, we will spend time together seeing what 'The Ultimate Makeover' Jesus does means for your identity and life. 


You will take home 'Your Ultimate Makeover' - a book with things to read to encourage you.

  • LOVE - Get to know Jesus and experience His love for you
  • IDENTITY & PURPOSE - Be the unique daughter of God He designed you to be, using your giftings, free to express yourself
  • VALUE - Know your true worth - no more 'self-esteem' issues
  • BEAUTY - Overcome negative feelings about yourself to be happy in your skin
  • FREEDOM - Be wildly FREE! Of life controlling habits, emotional issues and the past
  • REST - Live in grace, released from the pressure to do and be more
  • ENJOY - Daily peace and joy
"I encourage any woman who desires to be the fullness of the woman God created her to be, to spend time with Anna and let God reveal her true beauty in His eyes."  - C

"I feel a lot better.  A lot less down trodden and more myself.  The possibilities are becoming greatly more exciting as each day passes."  - J

"I couldn't hear God in the area of work/ vocation/ calling in particular.  I was stressed, had trouble sleeping and felt wrung out.  With Anna's help, I began to hear God directing me about my job.  I also began sleeping properly again (hooray!!)"  - F

"I have always had a phobia about my body and appearance.  The makeover quite truthfully changed my life."  - M

"No more dread.  In its place peace, joy and quite a lot of energy to do things.  I have had a very special few days."  - H

"I liked the way Your Ultimate Makeover told a story.  It explained my salvation in a way I had never seen it before.  I was able to relate and fit myself into the 'story'.  I liked that it was interactive, this way it helped me remember the things I had read."  - S