love(d) on a friday

 "God loves you..." 

If you've grown up around Christianity or been to lots of churches, you'll probably have heard that.  But it's more than God far up in the sky loving you from lofty heights.  And it's more than Jesus loving all the sheep and you being another one.

No.  God is in love with you!  Not in a weird, creepy way.  But it's so much more than 'God loves you'.  

It's personal.  Intimate.  Real.  For you.  To you.  The deepest, realest you who you may hardly even know.


As children, my sisters and I had some friends who used to come over on Friday afternoons to watch television with us.  From week to week, we would be caught up in the romantic entanglements on the Australian soaps and among the cute, American teenagers on 'Blossom'.

Our friends would go home before 'Happy Days' but not until we'd all sung along to the theme tune:

Thursday, Friday, Happy Days.
The weekend comes,
My cycle hums,
Ready to race to you...

As our innocent Blossom days passed, the pursuit of our own romantic entanglements began.  Each Friday was the start of a weekly search for the boy who just might want to share all the days of the week with us.

So, I've picked Fridays for this weekly thing called 'Love(d) On A Friday'.  Because I've found that some Fridays laugh right in your face and deliver a weekend where it feels as if everyone except you is spending time with people they want to be with, doing things they want to do.

People take breaks throughout the day even if just for a drink so what about taking a LOVE BREAK with Jesus?

That's what I hope you'll see 'Love(d) On A Friday' - this blog post - on a Friday(!) - as.  A place you can come to take a love break with Jesus.  To remember that you are loved, to let Him love you and to enjoy being loved by Him.

I'd love to be able to say that you will find Love(d) On A Friday on the blog every week - sometimes that's just not possible but mostly it is.  However, when it's not, you'll usually find something shorter on Instagram.

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