I will share from my own experiences of how discovering Jesus' love, and what He has done for me, has changed my life.  For girls, I will talk about growing up going to church and finding it difficult to be a Christian at school when I wanted to fit in.

Then I will help you to see how to personalise the makeover for yourself and swap the 'try-hard' life for living in grace.

We talk about what we feel our value is, where it comes from and how it makes a difference to our worth when we see what Jesus has done for us.  Including some of my personal experiences and opportunities for small group discussion. 

This is a very positive event with the aim that everyone would go home knowing their true worth.

We begin by thinking about self-acceptance and how we feel about ourselves.  I will share some of my own experiences and explain how what Jesus has done for us can help us feel more comfortable in our skin.  After a break for drinks and socialising, we will move into a workshop to help you explore your unique creativity and find your personal style.

The practical workshop makes this a fun event that can be ideal for inviting friends to.  For more information, see as workshop content is similar.

We all want to be loved.  At church we get told that we are - by God.  But it doesn't necessarily feel true or very real.

I will share from my own experience and explain how I went from not believing that God loved me to discovering the amazing and real way that He does. 

It would be my privilege to work with you and your friends or the group you lead.  It is my desire to create an atmosphere where people feel at ease and are under no pressure to participate more than they want to.

There is flexibility with timing and content with each event depending on how long we will have, the ages of guests and facilities in the room we will be using.  Please email for more information.


"Anna darling - thank you.  Thank you soo soo much for today. You gave a most brilliant talk - and one girl gave her live to Christ. It was full of power. Goodness me I was crying at one point. It was BRILLIANT."

"I can't thank you enough for coming to speak to us last Sunday.  We loved your message and it clearly made a difference to those attending.  You have a powerful message.  Keep preaching it." 

"Just a note to thank you once again for such a lovely evening last Friday.  It was great that we had thirty people and there was a lovely relaxed atmosphere, which I know was down to your ability to make us all feel special and valued.
I thought you spoke so well.  Linking the phobias we have about the way we look back to the Garden of Eden was fantastic...
It is amazing what Jesus has done for us and I think you explained it beautifully.  Many told me on Sunday how much they had enjoyed the evening."

"We had Anna at our church recently to talk to our women's group, women@stnix.  Anna gave us a wonderful evening which was inspiring and formative.  With a truly Biblical perspective, Anna showed us clearly that each of us is unique and beautiful, because of Jesus.  She helped us discover fresh ways to approach our wardrobes showing sensitivity and warmth.  Her encouragement empowered us to try new ideas and colours.  Some of us even went for a bra fitting the next day!  We are looking forward to a follow up visit in the near future."
"I simply loved working with Anna here at our Quiet Day and also at Central Hall, Westminster at an event put on by The Christian Healing Mission.  She communicated well to a small group as well as a large one."

"I would recommend Anna's ministry to you."

"Anna was a guest speaker at our very first King's Daughters Conference in 2011.  Her message of identity is powerful and much needed in this day and age when our purpose as women can be very confusing."

"I first heard Anna speak at a Women's Conference on the subject of Becoming You and what it is to be beautiful.  I was looking forward to her contribution given that I had found her totally engaging when I had listened to her previous interview on Premier Radio.
Anna spoke in a very concise and yet humble manner often referring to personal experience.  Her style made me feel completely at ease and her disarming nature drew me into the topic.
The pace of Anna's talk allowed me the space to explore my own feelings.
Anna's workshop material was comprehensive and very practical."
- Esther Edwards, Voluntary Church Youth Leader