"I have known what it is to live unfulfilled and unhappy.  I have experienced a Christianity that disappoints and doesn't seem to work.  But I have come to know Jesus - the One who changes all of that."
-Anna Symonds

This is the story of my ultimate makeover from growing up going to church and believing God hated me to encountering Jesus' love and the effect on my life of finding out about His grace and what He has done for me.

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MY ULTIMATE MAKEOVER - What Jesus Has Done For Me
MY ULTIMATE MAKEOVER - What Jesus Has Done For Me (FOR GIRLS UNDER 18) - the shorter version

"I was utterly blown away by reading what you shared.  It was like reading about myself in so many places and I can't tell you how many times I let out huge sighs of relief.  My eyes were on stalks as I read many of the similar things I've experienced and somehow you feel like you must be the only one when you're going through it.  I've been just dumbfounded."  P.K.

"At long last I have got round to reading your book.  In fact I have read it twice as it was so readable!  I can really see how this will be a great benefit to the many people that God brings along your path.
We find ourselves increasingly seeking to get people to look away from the lies under which they live and look to the the truth of what the Father has done for them through Jesus.
I have passed it on to our Chaplain, so that if she comes across anyone particular who she feels would be blessed by it, she can pass the details on to them."  John Ryeland, CHM