Hi, I'm Anna and I have created THE ULTIMATE MAKEOVER for you.  I'm so pleased to welcome you to this place where you will find out more about who you are and why you're here - your true identity, worth and purpose.

Growing up, I had little idea of who I was or what my life was for beyond hearing different people's opinions of me and being pressured at school to get good grades to get a good career.

Life had its ups but also some downs I couldn't make sense of or cope with very well.  I went to church but it didn't satisfy the restlessness and seeking in my heart.

Until Jesus...

Getting to know Jesus has changed everything and it is THE ULTIMATE MAKEOVER He does that I would love to share with you through:

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events - where I get to meet with you in person when I talk about the makeover to groups.

one-to-one - Your Ultimate Makeover is where you get to work through the makeover with me to help you fully experience it for yourself.

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THE ULTIMATE MAKEOVER incorporates MIRROR MAKEOVER (click here) - helping girls and women with self esteem, self image and personal style. 

it's all Jesus & what He's done

I don't know if you realise it but the day you were born was long anticipated... by God!  The Bible says that before time, He planned that He would have a human family and He chose you to be His daughter.

He began this family with Adam and Eve but they went their own way, not God's.  Since then, nothing has functioned in the way God intended; including us.

And there's nothing we can do to get back to the lives we were made for.  It's not surprising we can feel unfulfilled.

But God was so set on having the family He had dreamed of that He sent His Son, Jesus, to rescue us.  He lived the perfect life we could never live then was punished for all our failure in our place.

If we believe in Him: this Prince from Heaven, we can know what it is for the person we were, and our past, to be gone.  We become a daughter of the King, the bride of this Prince forever, the unique person we were always meant to be.

And we get to live in grace.  It's as if Jesus gives us His perfect record of achievement so we can experience the favour of God Jesus deserves every day of our lives.