Friday, 3 October 2014

Love/d On A Friday: Good Morning ME!

Imagine that - to wake up and to call yourself blessed.  To call your day blessed.  Expecting good from God.  

It's definitely not how I have approached my life.  I find it difficult to say: "Life is good" or "This is a good day."  I suppose it's because I fear good things not lasting.  But what I've come to realise is that everyday is a good day when we have Salvation.  We are righteous in God's eyes and that alone, and quite simply, makes it a good day.

When we face our days negatively, it is as if we won't let ourselves be blessed.  We might be protecting ourselves from disappointment - fearing that good things won't last or won't match our dreams.

But I think we can also feel more comfortable about not opening ourselves to a good day because we don't deserve it.  Last week, continuing our series on self love, we were talking about feeling we don't deserve good things

But God has given us life.  And not just life but new life as a new person.  YOU ARE ALLOWED TO BE ALIVE!  YOU ARE ALLOWED A LIFE!

And not just a horrible life.  Jesus says He came to give YOU life in all its fullness not because of your goodness or faithfulness but because of God's. 

You can show yourself some love by being open to receiving grace - favour and blessing from God you could never earn or deserve.  And that includes opening yourself to good days. 

Joyce Meyer writes about Expecting The Good That God Wants To Give You...

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