Thursday, 4 September 2014

Love/d On A Friday: He Loves Me But Do I Love Me?

I've heard Christian maturity defined a lot of ways.  I've also often heard people say:  "I must decrease and Jesus must increase."  I kind of tried to decrease and was left wondering if that sort of emptying of ourselves is at all a good idea.

Anyway, I increasingly think that this quote above defines maturity and reinterprets the concept of decreasing and increasing.

An ever-increasing awareness of Christ as my righteousness...  That's what I want - always to go back to this truth, always to enter more fully into what it means.

One thing that's been running through my mind lately is what this truth might mean for the way we feel about ourselves.  How we treat ourselves.

We've been asking recently (here and here) how we can KNOW God loves us.  And I've been thinking that we can know His love for us more and more but still not really share His sentiments!

So I've decided it's going to be #SELFLOVE September and probably October too here and at  I'll be asking what it would mean to love ourselves.  Join me?  

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