Friday, 1 August 2014

Love/d On A Friday: Free To LIVE

When it comes to my birthday (which isn't yet, by the way!), I think of the year ahead and I want to pray for it.  There were a few years where my thoughts went like this:

"I am God's daughter, a Princess. Oh, I want to live up to it.  To give God pleasure by being all I could be.  All He wants me to be..."

I wanted to do His will in everything.  I knew I would fail.  It was quite depressing.

Then came a birthday a few years ago where I had come to understand things a bit differently so my thoughts couldn't follow the usual pattern.  And I got this:

It summed up the exact way that I was going into that next year of my life.
I was, and am, no longer driven to impress God because Jesus has impressed Him for me.  I get to rest in Him. 

My life has changed so much.  It is no longer all about needing to achieve and succeed because I have already got success as:


Now I choose to live rather than achieve.  That looks like facing the year, month or day breathing easy and moving a lot more freely.  Needing to achieve can make us stand still in our tracks.

My obedience and motives will never be perfect or pure.  But I can trust that His will is written on my new heart in the form of my desires and that He gives me the ability to do it.  And I can just have a go at living, loving, giving knowing that any success is His work and He is big enough to fill the messy gaps.

How would things change for you if you lived in the benefit of Someone else having achieved everything needful on your behalf so you can just have a go at living?

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