Friday, 25 July 2014

Love/d On A Friday: Made Righteous

God is righteous.
We are ALL born unrighteous.
Jesus was born righteous and lived righteous.
Then He took your unrighteousness,
Suffered the consequences
And gave you His righteousness
As a GIFT.

Jesus lived for you and died for you so you can live forever in the benefit of that.
Righteousness is received, not achieved.
Getting it has nothing to do with what you do (or don’t do).
Nor does keeping it.
It is for everlasting.
Righteous is who you are and will forever be.

So all the blessings due a righteous person are yours.
Jesus has earned them so you can freely have them.

God sees you as righteous with His Son’s righteousness
When you sin and when you don’t.
Beautiful.  Perfect.  Blameless.

The Holy Spirit tells you this:
“You’re altogether lovely.  There is no spot in you.”
Then you do bad and you feel bad.
But He whispers:
“You’re still the righteousness of God in Christ.”

You’re forgiven:  past, present, future.
Clean.  Blameless.

When you struggle with a habit, you have only to remind yourself:
“I am the righteousness of God in Christ.”
And truth will out –
Who you are will begin to shape what you do.
(What is true of you will become real in your experience).

Receive the gift and RELAX.
It’s not about trying to be right but accepting you are right.
It’s outrageously unfair.
Unearned.  Unmerited.  Undeserved.
That’s true.
It’s called GRACE.
And it is freedom.  And peace.  And life.

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