Friday, 4 July 2014

Love/d On A Friday: All Not Some

The prodigal son has it all worked out.  A way to deal with his shame.  He's going to go back to his father but he will earn his right to be there by working as a hired hand. 

However, he never gets the chance to put his plan to his father.  Because his father isn't interested in SOME NOT ALL.  We're told that everyone, except the elder brother, has a wonderful time.  The prodigal son it seems enters fully into his father's generosity.

But before he gets home, the son's not unlike me.  I feel I should pay my way.  I don't think I should get what isn't rightly mine.  I'm not sure I have as wonderful a time as I could have. 

I wonder how much of the bad in our lives is because we can't accept good.  That even if our deep unworthiness will let us receive, it finds it very hard to give us the permission to enjoy what we have.

It can be very difficult to enjoy good things that we haven't earned and don't feel we deserve.

Shame is that feeling of being foolish, ugly, a failure, unworthy.

If we had the opposite of shame, we would feel beautiful, worthy, CLEAN, comfortable in our skin.

The prodigal son is given the family ring to wear.  He has the right to receive from his father because he is his son. 

Jesus has taken our shame and included us in His own identity.  It is as if we wear the family ring.  However we may feel about ourselves, however dirty and undeserving, we are worthy in Him - beloved daughters in whom He is well pleased.  We have the actual right to have a wonderful time.

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