Tuesday, 3 June 2014

My Imperfection, His Perfection

What if you gave up on perfect?  You might say you're not a perfectionist.  Lots of us probably aren't but it doesn't stop 'Perfect' chasing around after us (except of course she never sweats or pants or looks hot and flustered).

Perfect is mean.  She's impossible.  And she never stops:  "Look at how much prettier she is than you.  Look at that outfit - you could never style something that well.  You thought you'd cleared up.  Now look at that mess in the sink.  Get that presentation done on time?  Not you.  That steak isn't cooked how your husband likes it.  Look at that fat bit, that flawed bit, that ugly bit."

But if Jesus lived the perfect life we could never live and has given us His RECORD OF ACHIEVEMENT, then surely trying to be perfect, or pushed around by perfection, is just a way of us trying to get the righteousness we've already been.

And it's not only in our attempts to be pure and holy - 'spiritual' things.  But also in our clean house, perfect looks, fulfilled responsibilities and dinner party cooking efforts.

If we rest in having Jesus' perfection, it has to mean enjoying life as we are, breathing easy knowing we don't have to make things perfect.  Instead in spite of the messes and imperfection, we are enough in Him.

It's what Ruth says:

It doesn't matter whether we stand in mess or seemingly near perfection, we stand with exactly the same status before God:  100%, 10/10, A*.

It might seem extreme but to breathe easy must surely be to give up on perfect.  To strip it back to believing Jesus has achieved it all and I stand in His success.

Then wouldn't you be kind to yourself.  Nicer to you.  Take the pressure of 'always got to improve' off.  Stop despising yourself for your lack to perfection, accomplishment and success.  Leave behind the fears of order and organisation and messes and obligation.

Like Kimberly says:

Walking in and with Grace, you'd smell the roses, see the stars.  Laugh.  Enjoy.  Be.  Smile.  Breathe.  Stop feeling so guilty.  Reach out some grace to other people.  And start to believe God wants to be good to you.  

He has stamped His perfection on your imperfection so He can reward you and treat you as if you're Jesus.  Treat you as if you're perfect in this life and the one to come.

He says:

My PERFECT one, is unique.
 There's no one like her on earth, never has been, never will be.  
She's a woman beyond compare.
(Song of Solomon 6:9 NIV, 6:8 MSG)


It's #imperfectweek here and at mirrormakeover.org all this week.

Tomorrow:  More on giving up on perfect.  This time in our homes with a GIVEAWAY!  All at Mirror Makeover.  See you there!


  1. Hi Anna, thanks so much for the mention! So kind of you:) I love the idea of an #imperfectweek, seeing as I'm imperfect every day of my life;)

    1. I love reading your blog and it always encourages me. Yes #imperfectlife would be better but that would be a bit too much writing!!!!!