Thursday, 19 June 2014

Love/d On A Friday: Once And For All


That's how I used to see Christianity.  It seemed to me that Christians would have problems, or even if they didn't particularly, they would soon find some area of weakness.  And then they would try to improve themselves or to get God to change them.  But it would fail.

Christianity felt like such hard work with all sorts of 'buttons' like more faith or praise to try pressing to get the blessed life God was meant to want for His children.

I was listening to Edie Wadsworth's 'Life In Grace' podcast and she tells a story of how her third baby was very difficult and not a good sleeper.  She went into the Christian bookshop hoping to find something to help and came out with a stack of books.  She says that for so long her Christianity revolved around the next new book, the next new thing.  But she could never measure up to the fad of the time...

It sounds exactly like that life and self improvement class that wasn't even working!

Yet Jesus says that He has come to heal the broken hearted, set people free from their darkness.  To replace their ashes with beauty and fill them with praise in place of mourning and heaviness.

And He says we are to do the same.

We may pray for people, even share wisdom from God with them and see their cirucmstances radically change.  But it can quickly feel like they're back at square one because their past holds them in such a grip.  And there's always another lie to discover they're living in. 

It can be like it in our own lives too.  We find ourselves struggling to get victory over behaviours and make progress only to go back again or for some other issue to be unearthed.

I knew for myself that much about my behaviour and attitudes could be improved.  I would repent, pray and fast to be changed.  I would choose to be different.  I would discover root causes of issues and ask God for healing.  I would take authority and renounce lies I lived in.  But much of it seemed to be to no avail.

I was so frustrated and fed up.  Until I started to understand more about the cross and what Jesus had done for me and what that means for my real life today.  You can read all about that in MY ULTIMATE MAKEOVER.

Are you or someone you know broken hearted?  Do you feel crushed by life?  Uncertain who you are?  Perhaps you feel ugly, inferior or lacking in confidence and don't even like yourself very much.

Today I wanted to tell you about YOUR ULTIMATE MAKEOVER in case you don't know about it.  It's your opportunity to book a one-to-one to go through what Jesus has done for you and how it can sort out your 'issues' ONCE AND FOR ALL.  Or do tell any friend who you think would find it helpful.

Email me for more information.

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