Friday, 16 May 2014

Love/d On A Friday: The Cross Factor

We don't have to stand on a stage to perform to feel in a moment of offering an opinion, a joke, a comment, even our love, as if we are being booed off one.

It comes to us all - the "NO!", the shaking of the head, the 'uh uh' noise like on Britain's Got Talent.  The big red cross hanging over our heads.

We can all think of the boos we've received.  Sometimes it's the people closest to us who are quick to criticise and they do it harshly when we set out to do our own work, to live the way we think is right for us.  And it's hard and it hurts.

When I was at school, if you said something people thought was silly, or you tried to make a joke that no one found funny, everyone would shout:  "Burn out!"

On the TV talent shows, the judges wait to buzz the contestants to show they've had enough.  It's a big fat public burn out moment as they stand under that red cross.

But we stand under a cross that carries far more weight than one any a person can light above our heads.

With a cross made red with blood, God said:  "I love you" and He goes on saying it through that same cross.  Whether we are right or wrong in what we do.  Whether it fails and makes us look silly, the cross stands over it all.

It's a cross that gives the verdict of the overall Judge and it says:  "I know you.  I like you.  I love you.  I see you.  I am not ashamed - I approve of you.  I am not embarrassed by you - I am proud of you.  You are mine.  I am on your side.  I am cheering for you."

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