Friday, 7 March 2014

Love/d On A Friday: No Unrequited Love

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Does God love me?  For years, I was convinced of the answer to that.  Certain he didn't because if He did then surely life would be different.  You can read about that in My Ultimate Makeover.  It's free if you subscribe but it's also available on Kindle if you prefer it that way for girls and women.

Sometimes gales positively howl in life, or it just feels pretty bleak, and like the disciples on that boat in the storm, or Martha furiously trying to do all the work, we start to feel hurt.

The disciples were very frightened.  Jesus had told them to get into the boat then gone to sleep and they sound let down when they ask Him:  "DONT' YOU CARE if we drown?"

So does Martha.  She's doing her best to do what she thinks is the right thing.  And don't you just know how it feels when it seems like the nightmare you're in is all God's fault?  That's how I think she feels when she asks Jesus:  "DONT YOU CARE that my sister has left me to do the work by myself?"

In both those stories, Jesus shows that He does care and things aren't at all the way they seem to the people involved.  He doesn't want the disciples to drown.  He wants them to relax and trust Him.  He doesn't want Martha to be burdened.  He wants to take the weight off her feet and the burdens from her heart.

Looking at the picture our life is painting isn't always the best way to be sure of God's love.  We need to look at Jesus instead.  Know that WHATEVER THE WEATHER, THE CROSS STANDS.

Because love by definition is this:

Or put another way:

And another:

Or perhaps another way God could be saying it:

"You are my favourite thing.  I have invested everything in loving you."

I thought God said that to me - not that I'm His favourite over anyone else but because humanity are His favourite thing.  People take priority in His heart and He gave everything, invested His all, to show He loves us.

In most relationships there can be the uncertainty of:  "he loves me, he loves me not" before you make a long term commitment.  But not with God.  He proved His love already and made it forever before we ever chose Him.

He loves us.  He is committed to us.  It is a certainty we can always rely on.  There is no unrequited love with God!

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