Wednesday, 26 February 2014

I RECOMMEND: Stopping Trying To Be Good

It's a few months ago and I sit in a church small group.  We read what Paul says:

And we are asked:  "How could we live that life?  Does anyone have any experience of it?"  

I think this expansive life sounds a lot like freedom.  And although (for me at least) it can be easier in church small groups to join in with a conversation about how we could live that life than to admit to actually having any experience of it, if I'm honest, this wild freedom is something I've begun to taste.

But what would I say brought it about in my life?  I realise exactly what it is:

I stopped trying to be good!

I am shocked at my answer.  How can I say that and risk sounding like the sort of rebel I used to fear for?  And God best knows that's not what I even am.  How can I say it in this room where people are sold-out, risk-taking, suffering, single minded in their pursuit of God or fear they should be?

As you will know if you have read My Ultimate Makeover, I tried so hard to live for God with all my heart until I discovered the implications of Him having lived with all His heart for me.  You will also know that Emily P. Freeman has been used by God to encourage me.
I go home from that small group thinking:  'God has so many children who are trying to be good' and I don't any longer think that is what being His child is about.  I don't know Emily.  But I've read her books and I wonder what she would say in a small group like that.  I leave a message on her blog and you can read what she said in reply here.


I RECOMMEND will be a sometimes series here on The Ultimate Makeover blog where I can recommend some of the things I rate highly.  I really recommend Emily's books and blog to you.  Here's what I say about her in My Ultimate Makeover which is free if you subscribe or available on Kindle for adults and girls:

God brings a third person into my life just as He promised He would those years ago to bring 'truth, healing and freedom'.  Emily Freeman writes for girls and women and her words help me see more and more through eyes of grace.

She talks about being a 'recovering good girl'; how she has hidden behind masks of being the strong one, the responsible one, the sweet one, the right one.  The good wife, good mother, THE GOOD ONE; standing tall and capable as the good Christian who has the answers and no needs.  That wasn until she discovered that God isn't looking for any of that because He's made her right in Jesus already so she can finally relax with Him.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this post! Your link on Holley's site of the picture of Emily's books caught my eye, because she is one of my very favorite authors :) Her books have helped me so much - if you haven't read A Million Little Ways yet, I HIGHLY recommend it! Life-changing book as well. Needed this reminder to continue to let go of the "good girl." Thank you for that - God bless!

    1. I have read A Million Little Ways - I agree it's really good. I loved it!